Our vision:
To kindle the potential in our girls by providing them with a platform to seize
opportunities which will allow them to fulfil their true potentials and in turn they will
become Sesi Lomkhulu’s in their community.

Monthly and on an as-needed basis, the Foundation provides:
 Monthly toiletries to each girl
 Celebrate birthdays – presenting cakes and cupcakes to the group
 Supply school stationary, uniform and school shoes when required
 Annual Christmas Party
How can you get involved?
 Assistance with exposure to your industry
 Sponsor a girl (On average the total monthly cost of one girl is R95 per month)
 Assistance with lunches on Saturdays for girls attending “Art is Alive” classes
 Participate in a talk/discussions with the girls on a topic you are comfortable
 Donation of books for the Woodhouse library


 Provide welfare services in conjunction with Child Welfare Nelspruit
 Provide art and drama programmes in conjunction with Art is Alive
 Provide technical skills programmes, mainly sewing with the assistance of friends and Lowveld Sewing Academy
 Assist girls with career mapping and guidance
 Assist with transport, meals and educational materials for those attending extra-classes outside of Mataffin
 Invite like-minded women to speak at our monthly meetings – Exposing them to various role models
 Guided holiday tour programmes
 Encourage sport participation. Currently girls have started a netball team and will soon have a girls soccer clubs for recreational purposes
 Assist with the Woodhouse library which was opened earlier this year

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